What makes us different? 

· Our 20 year experience and expertise allow us to provide our clients a complete picture and diverse perspectives, i.e. agency work, business and regional business characteristics.

· We provide and analyze branding   - both corporate identity and graphics.

· Quality is the key focus and characterizes our work. 

· We are experts of our region (the Baltic States, Ukraine, and Belarus).


Key people: 


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Marius Vaupsas – leading partner, senior consultant. Marius is the founder of Lukrecija BBDO in 1991.  He has over twenty years of experience in advertising, communications and public relations and is of the very few senior specialists in Lithuania. Main fields of expertise include crisis management, public affairs, mergers, re-branding and building and maintaining communication systems and strategy. Marius brought innovation in to the field. He was the first to start working with international companies and organizations, politicians, public sector nationally and regionally. Marius has experience working with elections, telecommunications, retail products, cities and countries, international organizations and fast moving goods.


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Gintas Lapenas – partner and senior creative director. Gintas has a master’s degree in arts with a design major. He joined the company in 1996. Gintas has regional experience and a winner of international advertising festivals (Moscow advertising festival, Golden Drum and Golden Hammer). He is an expert of all major fields: commercial, public and political. In compliance to his work in the company, Gintas has been invited as a judge to regional advertising festivals (in 2001, 2002 and 2003).


Greta Kalvaityte – senior consultant. Greta has joined Lukrecija BBDO in 1996. She has a masters’ degree in economics. Greta prepared a number of significant projects in real estate field for export. Her fields of expertise include marketing and communications, and branding. Greta was a head of Lukrecija’s BBDO PR department for three years. 

Vaidas Bucys - public relations account director.  He joined Lukrecija BBDO in 2006. Vaidas has a master’s degree in information and communications and is philology graduate from Vilnius University. Prior to joining Lukrecija BBDO he was a news editor in one of the major radio stations in Lithuania. Vaidas is a media expert and his fields of expertise include crisis management of real estate and financial sectors. He has experience of working with Lithuanian cities (or Lithuania itself) that were presented in international exhibitions (MIPIM, EXPO). Vaidas is currently working with international organizations. 

Mindaugas Griusys – art director. He is graduate in graphic design from Vilnius Academy of Art. Before Joining Lukrecija BBDO he worked in different advertising agencies in Lithuania and USA. Mindaugas has joined Lukrecija BBDO in 2008 and has experience working with major clients: TEO, Swedbank, Lithuanian post, Volfas Engelman, Finasta, Lidskoe Pivo and more. He is also lecturer of advertising technology in Vilnius college of Higher Education since 2010.

Lukrecija Vaupsaite – a freelance creative. Lukrecija has joined the company in 2008 and is a media arts graduate from Royal Holloway, University of London. She has worked on a project basis with several major productions houses in London. Lukrecija’s fields of expertise include digital solutions and video projects.

Marija Vaupsaite – consultant. She is an economics graduate from Royal Holloway and has recently attained a master’s degree in European Political Economy from London School of Economics. Marija has joined the company in 2010. She has experience working as a consultant with Lithuanian Post and rebranding of Finasta.



In July 1991 the company was founded under the name of Lukrecija. Initially it was a design studio. In 1995 Lukrecija started the company’s long term cooperation with BBDO network. From 1998 it became a full service advertising agency with its ongoing expansion in services provided. Post 1999 Russian default, starting in 2000 Lukrecija added PR and consulting to it service range.